Responsive web design basics: size matters

Mobile websites, responsive web design, mobile experiences: they seem to be one of the biggest trends in web design and development in recent years. Not surprising, since even though the web is a constantly changing medium, it had never seen such a drastic change as the one introduced by the explosion of mobile devices in […]

Microsoft Skyrocket – Inbound Marketing Program

Microsoft and Semdrive joined to bring you the Skyrocket Program to help Partners  boost the discoverability of their website This is a digital marketing program that helps  partners attract customers, lower customer acquisition costs, and increase content relevancy to their site.  Inbound Marketing is the fastest way to drive highly qualified leads to your website […]

How to keep your online business alive without (SEO) Search Engine Optimization ?

YOU CAN’T!! Today as more and more business are increasing their exposure and creating new opportunities using the benefits of the world wide web, not being optimized for search engines is pulling away your fishing pole from the pond, leaving it to the rest of the fishermen.  By optimizing your site, you give your self […]

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