IT buyer behavior continues to change, and vendors are acting accordingly.

Customers increasingly look to online resources to help guide their IT purchase decisions. They research online, utilize social channels and avoid speaking with sales representatives until they are ready to buy.  In response, the technology industry must make greater investments in digital marketing than ever before.

Since two thirds of high-tech revenue flows through channel partners, vendors need to improve their partners’ digital marketing capabilities as well as their own. Top industry analysts predict that IT customers will manage the vast majority of their commercial relationships via digital channels by 2020. Channel partners who don’t evolve to meet these new customer preferences are at risk — along with the vendors who depend on them.

In order to set the best PCD for your company, we will determine a channel partnership strategy, identify relevant partners and grade them, Develop a coherent plan for reaching these companies and other important paths to set you straight to success.

Success Story: Microsoft’s Modern Marketing Makeover

The Modern Marketing Makeover program was a collaboration with 5 Microsoft partners who were looking to build up their marketing skills and invest more in marketing to grow their companies. Our goal was to help them tackle a few foundational items and teach them to fish along the way. In partnership with CX Globals, Microsoft helped these partners revamp their value propositions, revitalize their websites, and grow their business through an exciting digital marketing campaign.

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