Filter the content you want to see with Microsoft Marketing Assets

Get an easier Microsoft browsing with the new Marketing Assets platform on their Microsoft partners’ webpage.

Microsoft browsers can enjoy an easier navigation by filtering the exact type of content they need.

You can filter the articles or materials by selecting the language (only available in English for the meantime), your target market, asset type or campaign.


About the Filters

First of all the content is divided by worldwide campaigns and United States campaigns, and all of them in English. Scrolling downwards you will find maybe the most useful filter; Asset Type. Here you can choose between 20 different types of content. Faster you can find case studies, tools, events and even infographics.

Next, we have the Products & Solutions filter when you can filter you preferences a little wider. Choose the content whether you need Office or Server Solutions, Cloud platform or even Cross-Product.

Last but not least, you can also navigate thru the complete list of campaigns and filter them.


Let your Microsoft Assets browsing become more organized

Don´t miss the information that you specifically want with Marketing Assests. You deserve to be provided with the exact type of content based on your needs, get faster to that kind of material that you or your business is demanding.

Go ahead and give it a try!


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